Public Databases

In 2018, GulfFIN released a new version of its Data Warehouse query tool, which allows users to query fisheries data statistics housed within GulfFIN using an improved user interface.

Public users are granted access to non-confidential summaries of the commercial landings data from 1985 to 2020, as well as recreational catch and effort data collected under NOAA MRFSS/Marine Recreational Information Program (MRIP) beginning in 1981.

The inclusion of a "Fast Facts!" section provides "Top 10" data summaries with topics including species landings by state and year.

In an effort to increase the user’s understanding and confidence in the data being presented in the application, if any data cannot be displayed due to confidentiality issues, a clear warning message is presented to the user to explain the restriction.

For further clarification, the application provides lookup tables for GulfFIN codes (e.g., species, mrfss species, states).

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FIN Database Metadata

View record counts and years for data sets within the database.

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FIN PortCode*Plus

Search tool used to verify correct city name, state, zip code, county code or a port code in commercial and recreational programs.

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FIN Species Cross Reference

Lookup a common name, scientific name, or ITIS code associated with a species.

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Fish Length-to-Weight Conversion

Calculate fish weight for a species based on the fork length.

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